Mystery Cafe

New! Mystery Cafe

Jeu de Team Building adaptable
Remote Team building
Activités de Team Building pour toute taille de groupe
Unlimited number of participants - per commission of 4 people
Activité de cohésion d'équipe connecté et en temps réel
40 minutes
Jeu de cohésion d'équipe d'intérieur
Telework - any location
Jeu de Team Building Nomade et flexible
Equipment: Laptop, Webcam, Wifi
team building geste barriere
Activity adapted to barrier gestures
Activité de Team Building au prix dégressif
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The Mystery Café

During this activity, the participants are divided into sub-groups (the “sub-committees”) and will have to carry out tasks with the aim of getting to know each other better and having a good time.

Technical requirements

The technical needs of this innovative online event are within everyone’s reach. Each participant will use a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer with webcam, to connect to the video conferencing application of your choice.
team building telecommuting computer

Our service:

  • Preparation of events: advice, calendar and programming
  • Event implementation: fully managed event with an experienced and motivated facilitator
  • Team equipment: each participant must have a laptop / computer with webcam and a smartphone


  • A fun meeting for all of your employees
  • Strengthen mutual knowledge between employees
  • Informal and dynamic cohesion

Course of the activity

Set up (D-7)

- Sending the names and postal addresses of participants for sending the invitation
- The Teams invitation link
- The preparation brief


- Welcome and briefing by the Teams Connect team
- The workshop - 40 mn
- Tips for taking action

And after ?

- Coffee can become a monthly or quarterly meeting with various activities
- Consult us

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