Special Olympic Games Team Building

Immerse your teams in the spirit of the Olympic Games with our selection of Team Building activities inspired by the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Make your event an unforgettable moment where your teams will fully experience the values of sport such as collaboration, surpassing oneself and solidarity.

Our team building activities on the theme of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games :

    Olympic Challenge Quiz

    Thanks to this Team Building dedicated to the Olympic Games, your employees will forge unforgettable memories imbued with the Olympic universe and values, motivating them throughout the company!

    Sports in the city

    Experience an interactive and dynamic urban rally on the theme of the Olympic Games with 32 challenges for the 32 Olympic sports! Enjoy a memorable day of team spirit, friendly competition and discovery to create an unforgettable adventure.

    Assault on Mont Blanc

    A dynamic and stimulating group activity where you can share an unusual adventure with your colleagues based on the values of sport, CSR and mutual support!

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