Serious Game

Need innovative, motivating and distance learning? Teams Connect offers to support you in this process with our Serious Games!

Serious Games - What is it ?

The serious game is a digital application that combines a serious training objective with a gamified learning method !

It is therefore a fun way to learn concrete concepts via digital and dynamic tools while having fun !

What are the benefits?

Integrating play into the learning process allows for stronger involvement of learners. They are sensitive to the fact of being able to learn with real-time feedback on what they have learned, and to confront themselves directly with recommended best practices thanks to digital simulation games.

Learning via quizzes or combinations of tests and errors contributes to better retention of learning, learners having the opportunity to improve as they play.

The playful aspect also allows learners to concentrate and stay motivated throughout their acquisition phase, increasing their learning abilities by 6 compared to static learning to read.

Which goals ?

As an employer, the Serious Games make it possible to meet many internal training objectives:

  1. teaching efficiency through practice and exercise in real time
  2. modernization of training modules in the company
  3. live monitoring of learners’ progress and their achievements
  4. increased team cohesion for co-learners
  5. a profile of employer of choice boosted in the recruitment market

For learners, the Serious Games offer important opportunities for personal development:

  1. increased motivation to learn through a digital game
  2. individual access at their own pace and according to their own progress
  3. easy to learn by mistake
  4. a constant commitment motivated by the dynamic side of the digital game
  5. feedback in real time on its achievements and the implementation of good practices


A computer, an internet connection, a quiet room and let’s go !

Our catalog of offers meets the current training needs of remote collaborators, whether it be on good teleworking practices, good remote team management, the use of artificial intelligence or the CSR issues of your company.

Depending on the program, learners can be independent on certain subjects or accompanied by a remote tutor who supports them in their learning.

Our Serious Games

CSR Serious Game

We offer you a dynamic, innovative and turnkey workshop to make your teams aware of environmental issues. Everyone will be able to measure their environmental impact; calculate your carbon footprint, test your knowledge of the Ecological Transition.

serious game CSR

Serious Game – Artificial intelligence: CHat GPT and Midjourney

With The Great Adventure in Comics by Midjourney, discover the combined power of ChatGPT and Midjourney in a collaborative and creative serious game that will lead you to create a comic strip!

Serious Game – Artificial intelligence: Chat GPT and Suno

With Creative harmony – Suno’s melody, you can take part in an original and revolutionary experience that combines artificial intelligence with music to create a unique anthem or jingle for your company!

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