Team Building

Teams Connect’s mission is to put digital technology at the service of people, communication, well-being and corporate values. Our digital team buildings are a combination of serious and pedagogical intent with fun features. Our digital and highly interactive solutions are flexible both in terms of the choice of meeting or seminar location and the content, which can be adapted to the company’s needs and brand identity. The dedicated application is multilingual, very easy to use, making our activities accessible to all.

Teams Connect activities are the guarantee of a successful experience, and exceptional, dynamic and unforgettable moments shared as a team, all thanks to digital innovation.

Our virtual Team Building activity

Photo d'une activité de team building digitale

Virtual Team Booster – Duration: 60 minutes

The Virtual Team Booster is an online team building activity, specially designed for remote workers. This is an online digital event, which gives a boost to everyone’s motivation and a way to connect across distances and time zones! Whether your employees are newcomers or seasoned professionals working remotely, our virtual team building offers novelty, fun and interactions between all participants, regardless of their location.

Virtual Masterclass – Duration : 60 to 90 minutes

Are your employees working from home and do you feel that team cohesion needs a boost ? Are you looking for an idea for a remote team building to maintain group dynamics ? Discover our master classes online !

Workshops to follow from your home around a particular theme to learn while having fun. Find our master chocolatier, our chef and our mixologists who will be happy to pass on their knowledge to your employees.

Our indoor Team Building activities

Mount Everest Challenge – Duration: 80 minutes

With the Mont-Everest Challenge, experience the ascent of the highest summit in the world and leave without delay with your colleagues for this incredible adventure. During this eighty-minute expedition, the teams attempt to reach the top of Mount Everest and return safely to the base camp after having overcome numerous challenges.

The adventure is launched, will all teams reach the top?

United group thanks to an indoor Team Building
Teams Connect - Escape Game Box, activité de cohésion d'équipe en intérieur

Escape Game or Escape Box – Duration: 66 minutes

Make the team experience of a timed game in which you will solve puzzles, quizzes to open the Escape box! The game is nomad, so adaptable anywhere and provides the opportunity for a large number of people to play at the same time.

The countdown is on, can all teams open the box before the end of the clock?

Our outdoor Team Building activities

Amazing race – Duration: from 1h30 to 2h30

Make the team experience of an interactive and dynamic photo rally. The city is transformed into a playground where participants sail from point of interest to point of interest, a race against the clock awaits you with more than 50 photo missions to solve!

The Amazing Race is an exciting team game in which you will share an unusual moment with your colleagues and in which everyone will contribute to the overall success of the challenge.

Group selfie for a Team Building in the city
Team Building in the city in a team - Treasure hunt

City Explorer – Duration: from 1h30 to 2h30

Thanks to the City Explorer, discover the city differently and immerse yourself in its history in a fun and original way. Interactive, historical and educational treasure hunt.

It’s all about cooperation, communication, team cohesion and dynamism to fully enjoy this outdoor game that is the City Explorer.