The Great Escape: discover your premises and their surroundings!

Key information about the Team Building activity

Jeu de Team Building adaptable
Mobile and fully customisable game, adaptable to any location
From 10 to 1000 participants per team of 6 to 8 players
Activité de cohésion d'équipe connecté et en temps réel
90 to 120 minutes of play
Indoor and outdoor
Jeu de Team Building Nomade et flexible
Hardware: mobile application
langue parlee
In French and English
Activité de Team Building au prix dégressif
Price: contact us

The Great Escape: Solve the riddles to escape from your premises and discover their surroundings through a variety of challenges!

Bad luck! You have been locked in your premises! You’ve tried everything but nothing works, it’s impossible to get out, all accesses are blocked. You decide to organise yourselves into teams to work together better.

At the same time, you discover a plan that leads you to different puzzles that seem to lead to the exit! Thanks to your joint thinking, you decipher all the riddles and manage to escape! The joy is huge! Once outside, to celebrate your escape, you decide to explore the surroundings of your premises with some great fun and dynamic challenges.

This activity will take you on a tour of your company or school premises, discovering every department, hidden corner and must-see place! You can also learn more about your colleagues in the different departments or the school staff and the history of the premises. In a second phase, participants will also be able to discover the outside of the premises and become familiar with their immediate surroundings.

Entirely customisable to suit your premises and their surroundings, the activity requires a period of preparation to best meet your expectations and needs.

An immersive investigation of a dozen indoor riddles combined with an outdoor rally!

To succeed, you will have to cooperate with your colleagues, make strategic decisions together, communicate effectively and work collectively to achieve your common goal: to escape as quickly as possible and get the most points by completing the maximum number of challenges!

An ideal activity for the integration of students or new employees or the inauguration of your new premises!

The countdown is on, can all teams escape?

Our service :

  • Reparation and customisation of the event: advice, scheduling, development and programming.
  • Implementation of the event: fully managed event with experienced facilitators.
  • Post-event sending of photos taken during the activity.

Benefits of this team building activity

  • An ideal team building activity to discover your work environment
  • An activity requiring team cohesion that creates a bond between participants
  • A guarantee of success for the integration process or onboarding
  • A fun and recreational moment for all participants that will leave a memorable souvenir

The course of The Great Escape:


Setting the scene and explaining the game
Divide into groups of 6 to 8 people
Presentation of the application and the material provided
Launch of the game!

The investigation to escape

Riddles to solve in the premises
The application and the map of the premises guide the teams throughout the game

Playing time of about 50 minutes

Challenges around the premises

Numerous challenges to be completed to discover the outdoors
The application guides the teams through the game
The winning team is the one that escapes first and collects the most points from the challenges

Playing time of about 40 minutes

Debriefing of the game

Team results communicated to all
A fun moment, much appreciated by the participants, with the possibility of projecting the photos and offering gifts to the participants

about 15 minutes

They loved our activity

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