Our CSR Team Building workshops

Give an eco-responsible tone to your team-building by promoting your company's commitment and making your employees aware of a more ecological and zero-waste approach.

Go green with committed Team Building!

    Fresque Végétale : a collaborative activity to green your offices

    We offer a collaborative and creative team building activity with a nature & CSR approach to bring greenery to your premises.

    Atelier Kintsugi: When A Broken Object Becomes An Art Object

    Offer a unique experience to your employees in order to raise their awareness of our consumer behavior

    DIY Cosmetic and Daily Workshop - Acting At Your Level

    Beyond the pride of making your own DYI objects, this workshop calls for changing your habits and thinking about your environmental impact in a fun way.

    The Climate Fresco: Positive Awareness About changes happening

    We offer you a fun and educational workshop with a scientific approach to make your teams aware of climate change and environmental issues.

    Atelier Kokedama: A Zen, Green and Design Workshop

    Come and create a sphere of clay covered with moss, held by macrame ties, on which your plant will flourish. Share a fun and creative moment with your colleagues.

    Terrarium workshop: The creation of a mini indoor garden

    No need to have a green thumb for this plant workshop, you will discover the art of composing a harmonious indoor garden with living or stabilized plants.

    Plant Framework Workshop: Plants become an artwork

    When plants become art and appear in your living room or in your office. Let your creativity express itself and create a painting with stabilized plants.

    ECO Escape Game: a fun and educational eco-inquiry

    An environmental crime has been committed in your company. Investigate and discover with your team how this ecological crisis was triggered.

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