Our CSR Team Building workshops

Give an eco-responsible tone to your team-building by promoting your company's commitment and making your employees aware of a more ecological and zero-waste approach.

Go green with committed Team Building!

    Nature Race : Team Building in contact with nature !

    Thanks to the Nature Race, enjoy the natural environment of your choice in a different way and learn about eco-actions in a fun and original way. An interactive, super-dynamic and educational game.

    ECO Escape Game: the gamified IPCC report

    An immersive investigation of about ten riddles based on the IPCC 2022 report!  Investigate and make your employees aware of the environmental challenges to be met.

    Fresque Végétale : a collaborative activity to green your offices

    We offer a collaborative and creative team building activity with a nature & CSR approach to bring greenery to your premises.

    The Climate Fresco: Work together to think about our common future!

    We offer you a fun and educational workshop with a scientific approach to raise your awareness abour climate change and environmental issues.

    The Digital Fresco: move towards a more sustainable digital world!

    We propose a fun workshop with an educational approach to raise awareness of the environmental challenges of digital technology.

    Atelier Kokedama: A Zen, Green and Design Workshop

    Come and create a sphere of clay covered with moss, held by macrame ties, on which your plant will flourish. Share a fun and creative moment with your colleagues.

    Terrarium workshop: The creation of a mini indoor garden

    No need to have a green thumb for this plant workshop, you will discover the art of composing a harmonious indoor garden with living or stabilized plants.

    Plant Framework Workshop: Plants become an artwork

    When plants become art and appear in your living room or in your office. Let your creativity express itself and create a painting with stabilized plants.

    Atelier Kintsugi: When A Broken Object Becomes An Art Object

    Offer a unique experience to your employees in order to raise their awareness of our consumer behavior

    DIY Cosmetic and Daily Workshop - Acting At Your Level

    Beyond the pride of making your own DYI objects, this workshop calls for changing your habits and thinking about your environmental impact in a fun way.

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