The Hour of Power : a luminous and charity-based team building experience

Key facts about this Team Building game

10 to 500 people
Activité de cohésion d'équipe connecté et en temps réel
from 60 to 90 minutes of activities
Jeu de Team Building Nomade et flexible
Equipment: Kits of solar lamps to assemble
langue parlee
in French and in English
Activité de Team Building au prix dégressif
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Teams Connect awards ceremony Nuit de l'Evenementiel Paris 2024

Activity elected at the Nuit de l’Événementiel Paris 2024.

The Hour of Power : Strengthen your social commitment and the cohesion of your teams with this inspiring and solar charity activity!

Just under 10% of the world’s population lives without electricity (source: This situation has a devastating effect on children’s education, damages families’ health and financial economics and harms the environment we all share.

The Hour of Power raises awareness of the problems caused by energy poverty and provides an innovative and sustainable solution to improve the lives of children living without electricity in developing countries. These children will be able to receive a solar-powered lamp supplied by the Solar Buddy association thanks to the participants who will have assembled it during the activity. With these solar-powered lamps, the children will be able to study after nightfall and avoid using paraffin lamps, which are expensive and a source of accidents.
This meaningful team-building activity is ideal for bringing your teams together around an enriching experience and highlighting your company’s values. As well as assembling the solar lamps, participants can write a letter dedicated to the receptient child, delivered to his/her school by the Solar Buddy association. This CSR activity, which focuses on corporate social responsibility, is unique of its kind and has a real and significant social impact.

The assembly and writing workshop can be followed by a quiz on the challenges of energy poverty, then a team brainstorming session with a feedback session to suggest environmental and societal actions within the company (as an option). It’s an activity you’ll be hearing about for a long time and it will be a great way to get your company thinking about CSR!

“energy is the golden thread that connects all the Sustainable Development Goals.” – United Nations Secretary-General Anotónio Guterres.

Our service:

  • Event preparation: advice, scheduling and programming.
  • Implementation of the event: delivery of the solar lamps to be assembled and management of the event by our experienced animators in French or English.
  • Post-event delivery of the lamps to the children (managed by Solar Buddy).
  • Taking photos during the activity.

The benefits of this CSR Team Building activity:

  • Meaningful team building with visible long-term effects.
  • Develop team commitment and empathy by raising awareness of the problems of energy poverty.
  • Involve employees in an enriching experience with a real impact on communities in need.
  • Promote a corporate culture that values global citizenship, while creating a tangible return on social investment.
  • A fun and recreational experience for all your employees.

How this team-building activity works

Step 1: Briefing

Welcome of participants
Presentation on the challenges of energy poverty
Introduction to the activity

Approximately 20 minutes

Step 2: Assembling the lamps and writing the message

Distribution and assembly of the lamps by the participants
Individual writing of a message of hope to be sent with the lamp to a child in need.
Team photo taken with the lamps lit.

Approximately 30 minutes

Optional step 3: Quiz, Brainstorming and Debriefing

As a team, participants take part in a fun CSR quiz on energy poverty linked to the briefing presentation.
Again as a team, they brainstorm to suggest an environmental or societal action to be implemented within the company.
They then produce a report to explain their ideas to the other participants.
All the participants vote for the best idea!

Approximately 40 minutes

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