Hybrid Team Building

We are entering a new era where employees alternate between remote and face-to-face. At Teams Connect, we think phygital and offer hybrid workshops that allow for a shared experience between face-to-face and teleworkers. Our hybrid team building activities will allow your teams to strengthen their links.

Nos activités de team building hybrides

    ECO Escape Game: the gamified IPCC report

    An immersive investigation of about ten riddles based on the IPCC 2022 report!  Investigate and make your employees aware of the environmental challenges to be met.

    Time Trap - The corridors of time

    With Time Trap, travel from one era to another during a thrilling, unique and interactive Escape Game. Teams will have to do everything to solve the riddles in order to restore the space-time order.

    Magic & Mentalism

    Do you love the performing arts and illusionism? Discover this exceptional artistic experience as a team by participating in our Magic & Mentalism team building!

    Masterclass in Oenology

    Are you a wine enthusiast but never know which one to choose? The Wine Team Building allows you and your colleagues to combine a fun and friendly course with knowledge of wines by region or type.

    Digital Quiz

    Offer to your employees a unique experience with our diversified and personalised digital Quiz. From a coffee break to a dynamic and fun team building event, this activity has been created to bring people together.

Nos mesures COVID-19

We adapt to current events and our games are now made according to the barrier gestures to be respected (see the rules to respect in terms of barrier gestures

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