Masterclass Œnologie – Fun team building around wine

Key information about this Team Building

Jeu de Team Building adaptable
Indoor, remote or hybrid team building
Activités de Team Building pour toute taille de groupe
Up to 50 participants
Activité de cohésion d'équipe connecté et en temps réel
90 minutes
Jeu de Team Building Nomade et flexible
Equipment in remote: Laptop, Webcam, Wifi
langue parlee
French or English
Activité de Team Building au prix dégressif
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The Oenology Masterclass: a fun, gourmet team-building activity!

Are you adept at wine but never know which one to choose? The Oenology Teambuilding allows you, with your employees, to combine fun and friendly lessons with knowledge of wines by region or by type.
The activity is dedicated to the discovery or rediscovery of wine, but also to deepening knowledge of the art of tasting and oenology.

Guided by our oenologist, you will learn about smell and aromas, in order to better understand the power of your olfactory memory. You will then approach the themes of grape varieties, winemaking, wine-growing regions …) to finish on the practice of tasting in order to taste a wine like a professional. The goal at the end of the workshop is to differentiate the wines and create a unifying moment with your team.

Meet us by video in your kitchen or at your seminar to follow this gustatory and olfactory workshop. There is something for every palate!

Technical requirements

This workshop is suitable for all levels, from beginner to connoisseur with educational teaching in a friendly atmosphere. Like wines, there is a course for all palates! For remote activity, receive at home a box with the necessary workshop equipment (6 bottles of 5cl) for your Masterclass. You just have to taste!

  • Sending a complete technical kit in advance by Teams Connect
  • Using a videoconferencing solution for the event

The benefits of this Team Buidling

  • An original team building activity
  • Sharing know-how at the heart of this activity
  • Controlled time to adapt to your schedule
  • Learning reusable technical skills at home

How this team-building activity works

Before the MasterClass for remote activity

- Sending of a technical kit to each participant individually
- Each participant is equipped with a computer and a good connection and a smartphone
- Team constitution and registration in advance

The Oenology Workshop - between 60 minutes and 90 minutes

- Management of the activity by an event manager and our oenologist
- The activity is launched for about 90 minutes
- The oenologist's theory is shared
- You handle and produce
- Taste wine like a professional!

And after ?

- Tips & Tricks await you to start over at home
- Sharing of photos and videos taken during the event
- A wine professional who remains available to discuss if necessary

Etienne Faisandier


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