Outdoor team building

At Teams Connect, we offer outdoor activities to enjoy the city or the surrounding nature. These outdoor team building activities will allow your teams to strengthen their links.

Our outdoor team building activities

    City Explorer

    Thanks to the City Explorer, discover the city in a different way and immerse yourself in its history in a fun and original way. An interactive, historical and educational treasure hunt.

    Amazing Race

    The city turns into a playground where participants navigate from point of interest to point of interest, a race against the clock awaits with over 50 photo missions to solve !

    Escape Game

    With the Escape Game, experience a game that combines cooperation, communication and teamwork. Can all teams solve the riddles and quizzes to open the box before the timer runs out?

    Time Trap - The corridors of time

    With Time Trap, travel from one era to another during a thrilling, unique and interactive Escape Game. Teams will have to do everything to solve the riddles in order to restore the space-time order.

    ECO Escape Game: a fun and educational eco-inquiry

    An environmental crime has been committed in your company. Investigate and discover with your team how this ecological crisis was triggered.

Our measures against COVID-19

We are adapting to current events and our games are now produced according to the barrier gestures to be respected (see the Info Coronavirus site , or the rules to be respected in terms of gestures barriers

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