Sports in the city – outdoor Team Building on the theme of the Olympic Games

Key facts about this Team Building game

Nomadic outdoor game, adaptable to the city of your choice
10 to 1000 people per team of 6 to 8 players
About 90 min
in French and in English
Equipment: Ipad or Phone
Price on request
Garantie météo activité Team Building digital et hybride petit
Exclusive: Easy Weather option included
Award Ceremony
A souvenir photo album for each participant

Sports in the city: a special Olympic team building in the city of your choice!

Experience an interactive and dynamic urban rally on the theme of the Olympic Games with 32 challenges for the 32 Olympic sports! Experience a memorable day where team spirit, friendly competition and discovery merge to create an unforgettable adventure. The city of your choice is transformed into a playground where participants navigate from point of interest to point of interest. A real race against the clock awaits you with many challenges to solve! From sporting and photo challenges to a variety of questions about the Olympic Games, quizzes and riddles, all the participants will be able to make their contribution!

Imagine yourself and your team-mates navigating from point of interest to point of interest, defying time in a frantic race marked out by challenges on the theme of the Olympic Games. No predefined order, no limit to your collective creativity! Our nomadic treasure hunt can be adapted to any city, giving teams incredible freedom. Move around freely, choose your itinerary, and strategically decide which missions to carry out to score the most points. It’s your adventure, your strategy, your victory!

This stimulating team-building activity focuses on interaction, team spirit, spontaneity, effective communication and, above all, fun! Each challenge taken up brings your team closer to victory, strengthening the bonds between participants.

And whether you’re a seasoned sportsman or not, Sports in the city is designed for everyone. The aim is to imbue each member of staff with the values of sport in a friendly atmosphere. Everyone contributes to the overall success of the challenge, whatever their level of expertise.

By celebrating the Olympic spirit in the heart of the bustling city, this unique and unusual event leaves behind lasting memories and strengthens cohesion within the participating teams. Sports in the city promises unforgettable moments, shared laughter and a spirit of adventure engraved in your memory. Get ready to go beyond the ordinary and enjoy a unique Olympic experience in the heart of the city!

Our service:

– Event preparation: advice, scheduling and programming.
– Event implementation: fully managed event with experienced animators.
– Post-event dispatch of photos taken during the activity (optional souvenir photo album for each participant).

Fickle weather? Discover Easy météo

An unforeseen event or capricious weather and your outdoor Team Building activity can’t go ahead? Teams Connect has put in place a solution that guarantees your event will run smoothly if the Team Building activity cannot be carried out because of the weather conditions. There are several options open to you, you can choose between indoor Team Building (if you have a room large enough for all the participants to fit in), or remote Team Building thanks to the many Teams Connect solutions!

Benefits of this outdoor Team Building activity

  • Combine a business meeting with a fun challenge in the city on the theme of the Olympic Games.
  • Successful moments and exceptional photo memories as a team.
  • Strong, spontaneous team spirit.
  • An original, dynamic and fun corporate event.
  • A sense of belonging and team spirit strengthened by the values of sport.

How this team-building activity works

Stage 1 : Game briefing

Welcome by Teams Connect at the meeting place of your choice OR Remote briefing by video in the context of an autonomous activity
Distribution by team of 6 to 8 people (if possible in advance)
Presentation of the concept of the game and the equipment available
Explanation of how the application works

Duration of approximately 15 minutes

Stage 2 : The Olympic Games cohesion activity

An interactive city trail game with sporting challenges, photo challenges, quizzes and riddles.
The app guides teams through the game
The winning team is the one that collects the most points
Final meeting point and duration of the game flexible and to be defined together

Flexible game time to be defined together according to your needs

Stage 3 : Debriefing of the game

Return to the final meeting point for a result to the participants
Fun and much appreciated by the participants
Option to subscribe to our Prize Ceremony offer
Option to subscribe to our Photo Album offer

Duration approx. 30 minutes

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