The Quiz: a fun activity for your seminars!

Key information about this Team Building game

Jeu de Team Building adaptable
Indoor, Garden Party, Remote or Hybrid
Activités de Team Building pour toute taille de groupe
5 to 1000 participants, in teams of 3 to 5 players
Activité de cohésion d'équipe connecté et en temps réel
Adaptable playing time: 15 to 90 min
Jeu de Team Building Nomade et flexible
Equipment in remote: Laptop, Webcam, Wifi
langue parlee
French or English
Activité de Team Building au prix dégressif
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The Fun Quiz

The Quiz is a collective online activity, entertaining and playful, created in a logic of unification and strengthening of professional team links. How can this Quiz in video, face-to-face or even hybrid (with participants in face-to-face and others in video) create collaborative dynamics?
First, it has a wide variety of questions: free, multiple choice, puzzles, blind test, pictures … There is something for everyone. Choose your category Custom quiz: cinema, music, sport, general culture, mythology, true / false… or propose your own themes (products, history or anecdotes of your company…). The playing time as well as the content can be adapted to your liking.
In addition, participating in a team quiz is fun and above all interactive and engaging: participants must consult each other to decide collectively on their answer to the question asked. They learn to trust each other and discover the fields of expertise of their teammates. The emulation is there!

How does it work?

  • The facilitators welcome the participants (in a virtual discussion room for the remote option) and briefly explain the rules of the Quiz. The participants are divided into their respective teams and let’s go!
  • For the remote option : team leaders log into the game platform and share their screens with their teammates.
  • In teams of 3 to 5 players, participants must have as many correct answers as possible to the different questions and puzzles. Everyone’s contribution is extremely valuable, as everyone’s spontaneity and interaction are important factors in the group’s success.

Technical requirements in remote :

The technical needs of this innovative online event are within everyone’s reach. Each participant will use a smartphone and a laptop or desktop computer with webcam. We use your video conferencing solution for the event implementation, or ours if you don’t have one.
team building telecommuting computer

Our service:

  • Preparation of events: advice, calendar and programming
  • Event implementation: fully managed event with professional and motivated animators

The benefits of this indoor Team Buidling

  • Bring, thanks to the digital quiz, a touch of interactivity during your webinars or your video meetings
  • Enjoy a fully modular animation
  • Develop a synergy within your teams around an team building
  • Create a sense of belonging and a stronger team spirit

How this team-building activity works

Set up (D-2)

- Team registrations are provided by the manager
- A confirmation email with the videoconference link is sent (for remote activity)
- Each participant sends a photo with their team number and first name (for remote activity)


- Briefing & Icebreaker 15 mn
- Launch of the activity and answers to questions
- Animation by an experienced Game master throughout the activity
- The winning team is the one who will collect the most points

Debriefing - 15 mn

- Team results communicated to all
- Unifying moment and appreciated by all

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