Olympic Challenge Quiz: Strengthen your team spirit through the Olympic Games

Key information about the special Olympic Games Team Building activity

Indoor, Garden Party, Remote or Hybrid
5 to 1000 participants, in teams of 3 to 5 players
Adaptable playing time: 15 to 90 min
in French and in English
Remote equipment: Laptop, Webcam, Wifi
Price on request

Olympic Challenge Quiz: a team-building activity on the theme of the Olympic Games!

Welcome to all our corporate athletes! You’re about to enter the Olympic Quiz Challenge arena, where collaboration, friendly competition and brainstorming merge to create an unforgettable experience. Get ready for a unique Olympic adventure that will strengthen your team bonds and stimulate your competitive spirit. Ready, set, go!

The Special Olympics Quiz is a fun and entertaining group activity designed to bring people together and strengthen the bonds between professional teams. This corporate quiz, which can be taken face-to-face, by video or even as a hybrid (with some participants taking part face-to-face and others by video), encourages collaboration between team members.

It offers a wide range of questions on the theme of the Olympic Games: free and multiple choice, riddles, blind test, images… There’s something for everyone! The length of the game and the content can be adapted to suit you.

Moreover, taking part in a team quiz is fun, interactive and engaging: the participants have to consult each other to decide collectively on their answer to the question posed. They develop mutual trust and learn more about the Olympic Games while discovering their team-mates’ areas of expertise. It’s a real challenge!

Thanks to this Team Building dedicated to the Olympic Games, your employees will forge memorable memories imbued with the Olympic universe and values, motivating them throughout the company!

How does it work?

The moderators welcome the participants (in a virtual chat room for the remote option) and briefly explain the rules of the Quiz. Participants are assigned to their respective teams and off they go!
For the remote version: team leaders log on to the game platform and share their screen with their team-mates.
In teams of 3 to 5 players, the participants have to get as many answers right as possible to the various questions and puzzles. Everyone’s contribution is extremely valuable, because the spontaneity and interaction of everyone are important factors in the group’s success.

Technical requirements for the remote activity:

The technical requirements for this innovative online event are within everyone’s reach. Each participant will use a smartphone and a laptop or desktop computer with webcam. We use your videoconferencing solution for the event, or ours if you don’t have one.

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Our service:

  • Event preparation: advice, scheduling and programming
  • Event implementation: fully managed event with professional and motivated organisers

Benefits of this Team Building activity:

  • Use the digital quiz to add a touch of interactivity to your webinars or video meetings
  • Take advantage of a fully flexible event
  • Develop synergy within your teams around the theme of the Olympic Games
  • Create a sense of belonging and a stronger team spirit
  • Stimulate the motivation and commitment of team members with healthy and friendly competition

The steps of the special Olympic Games team-building activity:

Stage 1 : Set-up (D-2)

- Team registrations are provided by the team manager
- A confirmation email with the videoconference link is sent (for the remote option)
- Each participant sends a photo with their team number and first name (for the remote option)

Duration of approximately 15 minutes

Stage 2 : The Olympic Games cohesion activity

- Briefing & Icebreaker 15 mins
- Launch of the activity and answers to questions
- An experienced game master will lead the activity throughout
- The winning team is the one that collects the most points

60 mins (adaptable)

Stage 3 : Debriefing of the game

- Team results communicated to all

- A unifying moment enjoyed by all

Duration approx. 15 minutes

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