Kintsugi Workshop: A CSR Team Building to repair and beautify

Key facts about this Team Building game

Jeu de cohésion d'équipe d'intérieur
Indoor and face to face Team building
Activités de Team Building pour toute taille de groupe
25 - 30 participants ideal
Activité de cohésion d'équipe connecté et en temps réel
1h30 - 2h activity
Jeu de Team Building Nomade et flexible
Equipment: Zero waste kit provide
langue parlee
French and English
Activité de Team Building au prix dégressif
Contact us for prices

Kintsugi workshop: an original Japanese art!

Behind this mysterious and strange name hides a Japanese art of repairing porcelains or ceramics based on “gold joints”. We invite you to experience as a team a Kintsugi workshop in which you will give a second life to a broken object (dishes, lamp etc.) to sublimate it and transform it into a unique art object.
This Team Building activity makes it possible to raise awareness of our consumer behavior, to question our lifestyle habits and to make us reflect on our own resilience, our own ability to adapt through a workshop that gives a second chance at objects.

Technical requirements

This workshop is accessible to all! You are accompanied step by step by our facilitator in this creative workshop. Each participant will receive a zero waste box beforehand including all the necessary equipment to carry out his Kintsugi.
If you have a broken object (preferably ceramic), you can use it and bring it back to life, even better !

Our service :

– Preparation of events: advice, calendar and programming.
– Implementation of the event: fully managed event with a facilitator experienced in all CSR issues and motivated to share his knowledge with you.
– Post-event sending of photos taken during the activity.

The benefits of this indoor Team Buidling

  • Discover a creative and responsible activity
  • Give meaning to your action
  • Awaken our collective awareness of the importance of zero waste
  • The pride of giving life to an object and transforming it into an artistic object
  • An original and meaningful team building activity
  • The guarantee of a differentiating team building that marks the spirits

How this team-building activity works

Setting up (D-14)

- Sending of the names and addresses of the participants for the sending of the zero waste kit
- Sending of a zero waste kit with the necessary technical equipment for each participant
- An invitation email with the videoconference link will be sent

The workshop - 90 mn

- Welcome & briefing by the Teams Connect team and the facilitator
- Brainstorming on sustainable development and zero waste
- Interactive quiz on environmental themes
- Tips for taking action
- Kintsugi Workshop

And after ?

- Send your photos of the workshop
- Share your artistic creations with us
- Treat yourself and your loved ones with your creations
- Move at your own pace on the path to more eco-responsible behavior

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