City Explorer : a Team Building to discover the city

Key facts about this Team Building game

Pictogramme maison extérieur
Nomadic and urban outdoor games: Lyon, Annecy, Lausanne, Geneva
Activités de Team Building pour toute taille de groupe
10 to 1000 people per team of 6 to 8 players
Activité de cohésion d'équipe connecté et en temps réel
From 1:00 to 2:30
Jeu de Team Building Nomade et flexible
Equipmentl: IPad
Activité de Team Building au prix dégressif
Price on request
Garantie météo activité Team Building digital et hybride petit
Exclusive: Easy Weather option included


Remise de prix du Jeu de Team Building
Award Ceremony
Activité de cohésion d'équipe connecté et en temps réel
A souvenir photo album for each participant

City Explorer : a historical-playful city rally

Thanks to the City Explorer, discover the city differently and immerse yourself in its history in a fun and original way. Interactive, historical and educational treasure hunt.

This activity will allow you to share an unforgettable digital experience with your team and solve quizzes, riddles and many photo challenges as a team. Come and live a different experience in the city!

Connected to your iPad and other teams, you will need to collect as many points as possible, be strategic in your decisions, play collectively and be quick to be the winning team.

Throughout the City Explorer you can monitor others, analyze their course and their choices but is this the right strategy to follow? This is the whole question you will have to discuss!

It’s all about cooperation, communication, team cohesion and dynamism to fully enjoy this outdoor game that is the City Explorer.

Our service :

• Event preparation: advice, schedule and programming.
• Implementation of the event: fully managed event with experienced facilitators.
• Post-event sending of photos taken during the activity ((optional souvenir photo album for each participant).

Fickle weather? Discover our Easy Weather package

A capricious weather or an unforeseen event compromises the realisation of your outdoor Team Building?

Teams Connect has a solution that guarantees your event will run smoothly in the event of bad weather. You have several choices: you can choose between an indoor Team Building (if you have a room large enough for all participants to fit), or a remote Team Building thanks to the numerous Teams Connect solutions.

The benefits of outdoor Team Buidling

  • The guarantee of mixing business meeting and fun and historical discovery of a city.
  • The guarantee of an original and educational team cohesion activity.
  • The guarantee of a strong emulation amongst teams sharing exceptional memories.
  • The guarantee of an original, dynamic and fun corporate event
  • The guarantee of a sense of belonging and a reinforced team spirit

How this team-building activity works

Step 1: Briefing

Welcome by Teams Connect at the location of your choice
Teams allocation from 6 to 8 people
Presentation of the game concept and the equipment available
Explanations on the usage of the Teams Connect App on the tablet

Duration: about 15 minutes

Step 2: The City Explorer

An interactive treasure hunt in the city with challenges to take up
The tablet guides the teams throughout the game
The winning team is the one who will collect the most points
Place of final appointment flexible and to define together.

Flexible play time defined together according to your needs

Step 3: Debriefing & Celebration

Meet at the final meeting point to share results with the participants
Fun and much appreciated moment of the participants
Option to subscribe to our Award Ceremony
Option to subscribe to our souvenir photo album

Duration of about 30 minutes

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