Master Class Mixology – A fun cocktail class

Key information about this Team Building

Remote Team building
picto fouet de cuisine
Learn with our team of seasoned mixologists!
Activités de Team Building pour toute taille de groupe
15 to 200 people, teams 5-8
Activité de cohésion d'équipe connecté et en temps réel
60 to 90 min play time
Jeu de Team Building Nomade et flexible
Equipment: Bar material, Laptop, Webcam, smartphone, Wifi
langue parlee
French or English
Activité de Team Building au prix dégressif
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The Cocktails Master Class: a fun, gourmet team-building activity!

Want to wow your friends and families at the next aperitif or go further in your drink creations? Try the cocktails experience with Mixtale. A virtual workshop, in French or in English, which gives you the keys to mastering recipes while developing your creativity, all while having a great time as a team.
With the help of Leslie & Jérôme, you will prepare a predefined recipe, with or without alcohol, from several themes to choose from. Between classic and more atypical, there is something for everyone!

Participants will be able to interact with Mixtale as the workshop progresses and will be able to unleash their creativity as a team in the second part.
A moment of sharing and creation in a friendly atmosphere within their mobile bar.

Présentation of Mixtale

Behind Mixtale, there are Leslie & Jérôme. Two very complementary enthusiasts who have decided to embark on a common project that brings together their two fields of expertise: Jérome’s confirmed experience in mixology, acquired in many Parisian establishments for more than 10 years, and know-how in events and communication from Leslie, giving an explosive cocktail for a successful workshop animation!

Their trademark? Convert an 80s horse trailer into a real mobile cocktail bar. By using noble materials to have a cozy and upscale appearance, the cocktail bar can now come directly to your home whether you are private or professional, even remotely by videoconference!


Technical requirements

Need to read the technical sheet received beforehand and to obtain the necessary ingredients for the development of the recipe selected for the workshop. Also prepare the indicated material so that you are ready to start once connected!

– Do and have done your shopping beforehand
– Prepare the necessary equipment (shaker, etc. according to the technical sheet sent)

Necessary equipment

Of course, you will receive as a souvenir all the photos and videos taken during the MasterClass in order to keep a vivid memory of this experience spent together!

Our service

– Preparation of events: advice, calendar and programming
– Implementation of the event: fully managed event with an experienced and motivated Game master
– Sending post-event pictures taken during the game, possibility of producing and sending a personalized photo album of this event.

The benefits of this Team Buidling

  • Shared knowledge: each participant will deepen their knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and will be able to remake them independently at home.
  • Reinforced cohesion: a game is presented to participants in the second part of the workshop. Around a very playful framework, they develop a recipe by team and must develop sales arguments.
  • Developed creativity: participants are led to develop their own recipe following the first learning part and can then be inspired to test more recipes and mixtures at home.
  • Good humor guaranteed: at Mixtale, Leslie & Jérôme love good products, good times of sharing and also serving with a smile and it's not a screen that will prevent them from being able to share all of this.

How this team-building activity works

D-7 before the Master Class

- Sending of the technical sheet explaining the material and ingredients to be supplied
- Each participant is equipped with a computer, a good wifi connection and a smartphone
- Constitution of teams beforehand by the organizer

The Mixology Workshop - between 60 minutes and 90 minutes

- Activity management by an event manager and our mixologist experts
- The activity is launched for about 90 minutes
- Best practices and tips from our mixologists are shared live
- You handle at home and make cocktails with your daily equipment
- Option to add a challenge between teams within the MasterClass
- Cocktails or mocktails will hold no secrets for you!

and after ?

- The MasterClass recipe sheets will be sent to you
- Tips & Tricks await you to start over at home
- Sharing of photos and videos taken during the event
- A team of mixologists who remain available to discuss if necessary

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