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Testimonial of Sylviane, Leader at Catalyse’up.

“Going on a (re)discovery of the city by participating in a treasure hunt is the fun activity to which I thought I would be invited as the leader of Catalyse’up by Teams-connect.  And yet the experience, although fun, had many other aspects: leaving in a team with 6 other participants, some of whom I knew at first, making strategic choices, identifying the best elements of the team to solve the puzzles, being in solidarity to win the challenges, knowing how to put yourself at the service of others, forward or backward to be as efficient as possible, managing your time, everyone’s motivation… Much more than a game than a moment of relaxation… an event that has made it possible to build a real complicity, to surpass oneself beyond the frame and one’s comfort zone in all kindness! Not bad for bringing a team together.”

This team building was played in the city of Annecy.

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