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Teams Connect puts digital technology at the service of people and business issues through a variety of Team Building activities. Team building responds to management issues and allows you to strengthen team cohesion, impact minds, boost your communication and strengthen internal synergies. An effective integration tool, Team Building makes it possible to revitalize the company’s culture and work on your employees’ sense of belonging. Our turnkey yet bespokable activities can also be used for new employee integration programs, and completely adapted to support your messages. With gamification, your company seminars, business meetings, study days will become more efficient management tools.

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Our Vision

We believe that making decisions together on a daily basis, interacting together, being actively listened to, having an open mind and being able to welcome the ideas of others, communicating effectively, are the major challenges of cohesion in any company but at the same time the key factors for success.

Learning through gaming is a strong lever for innovative management that is adapted current times learning habits. Gamification steers up employee engagement, improves individual performance to serve a more global corporate objective and reinforces the company’s key messages.

We are the privileged partner in your efforts to improve the quality of life and well-being of everyone at work.


The team

Etienne et Carole Faisandier


Social Responsibility of Teams Connect

  • Sensitive to environmental and ecological issues, our entrepreneurial approach is part of a desire to limit our environmental footprint and contribute to a caring economy through local actions.

Sustainable development :

  • iPad refurbished, reducing our ecological footprint, repurchased and refurbished within two years
  • Zero waste: attention paid to the reduction of non-recyclable waste, particularly plastics
  • Offices housed in an ecologically renovated building, heated by solar panels
    Hosting of our website on Infomaniak which offsets 200% of its carbon emissions
  • ISO 14001 process

Citizen engagement:



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