Master Class Chocolatier – The tastiest team building experience!

Key information about this Team Building

Remote Team building
picto fouet de cuisine
Learn with a famous chocolate maker
Activités de Team Building pour toute taille de groupe
15 to 200 people, teams 5-8
Activité de cohésion d'équipe connecté et en temps réel
60 to 90 min play time
Jeu de Team Building Nomade et flexible
Equipment: Laptop, Webcam, smartphone, Wifi
langue parlee
French or English
Activité de Team Building au prix dégressif
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The Chocolate Master Class: a fun, gourmet team-building activity!

Fans of live cooking shows ? As a team, discover this exceptional culinary experience by participating together in our online chocolate team building !
In your kitchen and with your stoves, make a gourmet recipe in a friendly atmosphere !

Guided simultaneously by our master chocolatier, together u will make an accessible and delicious recipe. You will discover the chef’s tips and tricks, his production secrets and discover the rigor of working with chocolate. Discover together, and combine in a good mood all the ingredients, like the pieces of a taste puzzle, to form a delicious masterpiece for the taste buds !

In total immersion in this Chocolate and Confectionery Team Building , participants can react and ask questions in real time to our master chocolate maker.

Go to your kitchen for this interactive cooking workshop. Amateurs or gourmets, this culinary animation will make your mouth water !

Jean-Pascal Sérignat

Jean-Pascal is the chocolatier who will accompany you during the MasterClass. Originally from Annecy, after a career of more than 30 years in renowned chocolate factories, in December 2018 he created “PASSION CHOC” with the desire to transmit and share his know-how. The idea: to provide advice in artisanal chocolate making, as a freelance with several large chocolate factories. He likes to innovate, surprise and is always looking for excellence in mastering his profession. Passionate about his job, Jean-Pascal takes great pleasure in passing on his know-how in all simplicity and conviviality just like at home !

Technical requirements

This workshop is accessible to everyone, you will be guided step by step during this MasterClass by our chef. Before this team building, you will receive the necessary equipment to become a true Master Chocolatier.

– Sending a complete technical kit in advance by Teams Connect

– Use of a videoconferencing solution for the event

Necessary equipment

Of course, you will receive as a souvenir all the photos and videos taken during the MasterClass in order to keep a vivid memory of this experience spent together!

The benefits of this Team Buidling

  • The guarantee of an original and educational team cohesion activity
  • Sharing know-how at the heart of this activity for the benefit of all
  • The guarantee of playful and fun moments shared together and to be redone as a family
  • The guarantee of controlled playing time to adapt to your schedule
  • The guarantee of a successful synergy around an online team building
  • The guarantee of learning reusable technical skills at home

How this team-building activity works

Before the MasterClass

- Sending of a technical kit to each participant individually
- Each participant is equipped with a computer, a good connection and a smartphone
- Each participant is equipped with Whatsapp on his smartphone
- Constitution of teams and registration in advance

Chocolatier Master Class - between 60 mn et 90 mn

- Management of the activity by an event manager and by our Master chocolatier
- The activity is launched for about 90 minutes
- The best practices and tips of the Master chocolatier are shared live
- You handle and produce in your kitchen with your everyday equipment
- Option to add a challenge between teams within the MasterClass
- Chocolate will hold no secrets for you !

And after ?

- The MasterClass recipe sheets will be sent to you
- Tips & Tricks await you to start over at home
- Sharing of photos taken during the event
- A Pastry Master who remains available to discuss if necessary

Etienne Faisandier


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