Team Building in Valence: your corporate event in the French Drôme

Do you want to organise your corporate event in Valence? Discover all of our team building activities and then define the group cohesion seminar best suited to your needs. 

Discover this second city of the former Dauphiné and its historical monuments sheltered by the Old-Valence, such as the Saint-Appolinaire Cathedral, the Pendentif or the House of Têtes de Valence. Sow the opposing team from the Liberty Place in the heart of Valence’s city centre to the banks of the city’s canals, via the Valence Museum of Art and Archaeology and the superb Jouvet Park housing the Peynet Bandstand.

Join your team for a thrilling Escape Game in the heart of an exceptional ancient Roman city located between the Vercors and Provence! Whether you are a lover of cultural heritage, historical heritage and/or exceptional natural heritage, organising your company seminar in Valence will ensure: challenge, cooperation, team building and fun!

séminaire d’entreprise à Valence
Team Building à Valence

A company seminar in the Valence region: take a look at our Team Building offer

Located in the heart of the Rhône corridor, Valence is a dynamic, sporting and cultural city that is perfectly suited to your corporate seminar. At Teams Connect, we offer a wide range of turnkey activities adapted to your corporate culture for your events in the city of Valence:

  • outdoor Team Building activities ;
  • indoor team building workshops
  • Remote team building ;
  • hybrid team building activities;
  • or your CSR corporate seminar.

Discover also our outdoor rallies, our indoor or outdoor team building activities and our magic and mentalism animations for your corporate seminar in Valence. These collective and fun activities help to strengthen the feeling of belonging and the adhesion of your team members to your company’s values.

Our outdoor team building activities in Valence

Discover Valence in a different way with the Team Building “Amazing Race”

Take part in an interactive and dynamic photo rally in the heart of the city of Valence. The old Roman colony is transformed into a giant game board where participants follow the path of challenges, each more fun than the last.
Make way for the discovery of all the treasures of Valence: the Peynet kiosk in the heart of the Jouvet park, the Liberty Place, the Place des Clercs, the Drapier House, the monumental fountain as far as the river banks and the Valence Museum of Art and Archaeology. A thrilling race against the clock awaits your colleagues with more than fifty photo challenges to win before the other team!
Wherever you start and finish, you explore Valence from a new angle and according to the strategy defined as a team. You will walk through the Old Valence and its countless picturesque hillsides and then lead your team around the famous Champ de Mars offering a panoramic view of the Mont du Vivarais and the ruins of the Crussol Castle.
The Amazing Race is an exciting team game in which you discover your teammates from new angles and through the treasures of the Valence cultural heritage. Share a fun and unifying moment with your team where everyone actively collaborates to the collective success of the mission!

Selfie de groupe pour un Team Building en ville
Personne faisant un jeu de piste Team Building en ville

Take part in our Team Building “Nature Rally” in Valence

With the Team building Nature Rally, organise a dynamic and interactive activity based on eco-actions in the heart of Valence’s green spaces. Urban parks such as the Jouvet Park or the Monts du Matin in the east of the city are all suitable spaces for organising your nature seminar in the heart of the city of Valence. To win the Nature Rally, the watchwords are: communication, cooperation and getting out of your comfort zone!

One of our indoor activities in Valence

Complete the Mount Everest Challenge between Vercors and Provence!

The city of Valence is also very well suited to the organisation of a mountain challenge! With this Team Building, experience the ascent of Mount Everest in the heart of the city! Set out to conquer the highest peak in the world with your team. 

During this expedition, your employees must reach the summit before returning to base camp safe and sound. There are many challenges ahead and team spirit is more important than ever! Will your team members make it to the top?

Groupe uni grace a un Team Building en interieur

Our indoor or outdoor Escape Games in Valence


Enjoy our Escape Game Time Trap in Valence!

If you have a seminar room in the town of Valence, restore the space-time order of the world with your colleagues and win the Time Trap, the corridors of time! During this adventure, teams must solve riddles to open our mystery box as quickly as possible!

Your team invested in the Team Building “Eco Escape Game” in Valence

Indoors in the location of your choice or in “Garden Party” mode in the Parc Jouvet for example, we organise a Team Building on the theme of CSR for your team. In the heart of Valence, investigate to discover more about the latest IPCC report and the environmental issues of tomorrow!

In this eco-responsible Escape Game in Valence, each member contributes to the success of the investigation. Win this team building activity and unite your employees around ecological, ethical and solidarity issues! The ideal activity for your company seminar in Valence.

A 100% remote activity in Valence

Examen visuel de deux vins rouge

Your company event on the Côte du Rhône and Provence wine trail!

If you like good wine, what could be better than organising a wine tasting and oenology course during your Team Building! Discover the wines of the Côte du Rhône and Provence during a Team Building organised around an oenology workshop! First, discover the history of the Côte du Rhône Domains and the terraced vineyards before moving on to the tasting stage, a moment conducive to the pleasures of the mouth and exchanges. 

City Team Building in Valence : a tailor-made organisation

Our team prepares your company seminar at Valence, storming stage to the feedback on the experience. Our passionate animators will take charge of your employees to present your 100% Valencian team building experience. After the briefing stage, it’s time for an adventure in the heart of the ancient Roman colony!

With the help of our digital applications, the teams are autonomous for each activity. From one challenge to the next, your employees participate in the collective success of their mission by completing all the challenges planned in the heart of Old Valence: photos, videos, puzzle solving, quizzes, etc. 

After your corporate event in Valence, we will send you the photos taken during the activity to immortalise your team building!

Our activities are flexible and are defined according to the number of participants, your starting point or your seminar location in Valence. Choose your activity from our team building offer and we will organise a company event that your employees will remember for a long time!

Activité d'entreprise à Valence

Why organise a team building activity during your seminar in the Drôme?

Mont-Léger, Montélier, Bourg-lès-Valence, Saint-Marcel-Lès-Valence, Saint-Péray, Tournon-sur-Rhône, Romans-sur-Isère… wherever you are and wherever you want to go, we will accompany you! We organise the Team Building of your choice directly at your seminar venue or in the city of Valence, adapting to your needs! Team Building activities allow you to achieve the following objectives through a fun, original and playful team moment

  • to improve team cohesion, the feeling of belonging and individual motivation ;
  • to develop links between the different departments of your company;
  • to promote communication between team members;
  • facilitate the integration of new employees;
  • cultivate quality of life and well-being at work;
  • strengthen employee commitment and increase company performance.

So don’t wait any longer and get in touch now!

Fickle weather? Discover our Easy weather package

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Does a bad weather forecast or an unforeseen event compromise the realisation of your outdoor Team Building in Valence?

Teams Connect innovates with an alternative activity to ensure the realization of your corporate event, whether it’s raining, windy or snowing! Several possibilities are available to you: Team Building indoors or a remote Team Building, the Teams Connect team adapts!